Japanese Association of Orthodontists


Meeting Chairman

Yasuhiro Hamanaka/Chairman of Japanese Association of Orthodontists: Yasuhiko Asai

Meeting Theme

Long-Term Follow-Up

1. Dates

Thursday, February 9 to Friday, February 10, 2012

2. Venue

Osaka International House
8-2-6 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 543-0001

3. Contents

1) Special Lecture: "For a Better Relationship Between Periodontology and Corrective Treatment" (tentative title)
Dr. Etsuko Motegi (Associate Professor of Orthodontics, Tokyo Dental College)

2) Educational Lecture: "Latest Cleft Palate Treatments and Future Outlook" (tentative title)
Dr. Yoshihide Mori (Professor of Maxillofacial Diagnostic & Surgical Sciences, Faculty of Dental Science, Kyushu University)

3) Invited Lectures:"Dental and skeletal parameters associated with stability of orthodontic treatment"
Dr. Yeong Chang Yen (Taiwan Association of Orthodontists)
"Stability Following Orthognathic Surgical Treatment"
Dr. Heon Jae Cho (Korean Society of Orthodontics)

4) Clinical Seminar: Panel Discussion
"Things That Come into View with Long-Term Follow-Up"
Moderator: Dr. Shigeyori Inage
Panel Members: Dr. Kazuhiro Ueki (Chushikoku Chapter), Dr. Toru Imai (Hokkaido Chapter), Dr. Yosuke Nakanishi (Kinki-Hokuriku Chapter)

5) Staff Programs
"Remineralization in Orthodontics"
Dr. Nathan Cochrane (Melbourne University)
"Cavity Development and Clinical Psychology: Where Mouth Meets Mind"
Dr. Yasue Nunoshiba (Tohoku Institute of Technology)

6) Member Presentation (Encore Award Presentation)

7) Academic, Clinical Data and Commercial Exhibits

8) Cocktail Party

4. Inquiries

Mr. Tomohiro Sawabe
Executive Office
Japanese Association of Orthodontists
c/o Oral Health Association of Japan
3F Komagome TS Bldg., 1-43-9 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Tel:03-3947-8891 Fax:03-3947-8341

Optional Activities

1) Golf Competition (Wednesday, February 8)
As per custom, we are planning to have a golf competition. Details will be announced when available

2) Osaka Gourmet Tour (Thursday, February 9)
Following the social hour, Osaka members will take anyone who is interested to yakiniku, okonomiyaki and other restaurants only the locals know about.

3) Special USJ Party hosted by Kinki-Hokuriku Chapter (Saturday, February 11)
Enjoy the various attractions at Universal Studios Japan with a one-day pass along with a show at Stage 33 exclusively for our group. Bring your family, staff and co-workers and make some fun memories.

Inquiries concerning optional activities:

Norihisa Fukai
Secretary General
39th Osaka Meeting Secretariat
(Inside Fukai Orthodontic Clinic)