Japanese Association of Orthodontists

Conference Program

Special Lecture 1 (7th, 15:00-16:30)

" Yankee - A New Challenge"
Kousuke Yoshiie (Educational Board Member, Yokoyama City Board of Education)

Special Lecture 2 (8th, 14:30-16:00)

"In Search of New Methods for Diagnosis and Possibilities of Treatment Technology"
Professor Kotarou Maki (Professor of Orthodontics, Showa University)

Symposium 1 (7th, 9:10-10:50)

"Second Opinions Regarding Clinical Orthodontics"
Social Health Care Committee

Symposium 2 (8th, 10:50-12:30)

"Safety and Re-treatment After Orthodontic Treatment"
Symposium conducted by members

Case Study Exhibition (7 th , 9:00-22:00; 8 th , 8:30-14:30)

Staff Program 1 (7th, 9:00-10:00)

"Oral Development: Health Care as a Fusion of Preventive Dentistry and Orthodontics"
Dr. Tomoe Ito

Staff Program 2 (7th, 10:00-12:00)

"Constructive Training Regarding Desired Communication"
- Lecture and practical training
Yasue Nunoshiba - Assistant Professor, Tohoku Institute of Technology