Japanese Association of Orthodontists

Conference Program

Special Lecture (90minutes)

"Odontoplasty using composite resin for filling treatment"
Dr. Shigehisa Inokoshi (Practicing in Taito-ku, Tokyo)

Clinical Seminar (100minutes)

"Clinical related to PMTC"
Dr. Shigeru Uniyama (Practicing in Saitama pref. Clinical-Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Announcement of the members (Encore Award): three members

Keiji Matsumoto   Tomio Ikegami    Hiroomi Tomura

Committee Program

  1. Social Health Care Committee (Lecture)
  2. Report of Medical Management and Mutual Aid Committee
  3. Report of Public Relations Committee
  4. Committee of Editorial Board (Lecture)
  5. Survey Report from Executive office

Academic Exhibition

Case Study Exhibition (Case study report system)

Staff Program

  1. Staff Pragram 1 (Feb.16th 13:30-14:30)
    " Prevention of nosocomial infectious disease and horizontal and vertical infection of dental bacteria"
    Lecturer: Katsuji Okuda - Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  2. Staff Program 2 (Feb.16th 14:45-16:30)
    "Assertion Training and Desert Viking"
    Facilitator: Dr. Izumi Muramatsu (Dentist practicing in Tokyo)