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About JAO.

Japanese Association of Orthodontists

This is the largest organization of orthodontists in Japan who contribute to the promotion of health by establishing practices in orthodontic clinics and providing treatments.

The Japanese Association of Orthodontists is a gathering of orthodontists with practices specializing in orthodontics.

To become a member, that person should be practicing clinical orthodontics, possess over five years of experience, and must be recommended by at least three other people.

There are branches in 13 regions throughout Japan and currently there are approximately 450 members.

The Japanese Association of Orthodontists was established in 1972 as a national organization and has already been active for over 30 years.

Contributions to Society/Educational Activities

  • Information from the homepage.
    • Publishes various information to aim at promoting proper knowledge regarding clinical orthodontics.
    • Established a consultation corner to receive questions regarding clinical orthodontics from the entire country.
    • Provides searches for the nearest domestic practitioner specializing in orthodontics (member clinics).
  • Provides public seminars using publicity caravans in various regions throughout Japan while independently conducting educational activities from the 13 branches throughout the country.
  • Publishes orthodontic guidebooks for patients.
  • Scheduled to start Braces Smile Contest (2005 fiscal year).

Study Activities

  • The Japanese Association of Orthodontists holds a two-day convention and a two-day meeting every year.
    • There are lectures and symposiums planned, regarding broad themes which interest practitioners specializing in orthodontics, such as, the latest in clinical orthodontics, clinical administration, patient management, risk management, etc. In addition, there are presentations of research papers, scientific exhibitions, case study exhibitions, etc. for the self-improvement of its members.
    • During the convention, there is a “Lecture on Publicity” to help promote information on orthodontic treatments.
  • Information regarding the academic conferences, treatment technology, etc. is communicated to its members through the “Journal of the Japanese Association of Orthodontists” and “Newsletter”.